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Polished Concrete Retail Space

Before and after shots of a job In Melrose, Massachusetts.

The new concrete slab was not left with a smooth trowel finish.  Additional/extra grinding was necessary to get ridges out of concrete. The slab also had numerous cracks and spalls which required repairs.  The slab was polished to an 800 grit finish.  Densifier was applied after a 200 grit pass. A lithium silicate guard was applied, and the slab was burnished.

There are many benefits of polished concrete including the following:

Concrete is sustainable (reduces material waste, energy)
Low maintenance (easy and inexpensive to clean)
Very durable (long life expectancy, able to support heavy equipment/machinery)
High reflectivity (helps to reduce energy costs associated with lighting and heating/cooling buildings)
Virtually dust-free and chemical-free (great for allergies)
Versatile surface (can be stained, stenciled, or engraved)

We will evaluate your situation and create a personal plan for your project. Polishing concrete is a multi-step process. Floors may be polished from 200 to 3000 grit. The higher the grit, the more reflective the floor.

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