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Surface Prep

Not sure if grinding concrete is the right choice for your space?

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A timelapse of an epoxy removal job in Nashua, New Hampshire in an aircraft hangar.

Whether your finished product is a floor covering, coating, or stain, the proper preparation of concrete surfaces is critical. Concrete grinding is a multistep process that provides a surface that is flat enough to accept a floor covering; it does NOT level the surface of the slab.

Why is Surface Prep Important

  • Grinding breaks the cap (surface) of the concrete
  • It removes dirt and contaminants to provide a clean surface
  • The pores of the existing slab are opened
  • A clean slab, with open pores, is necessary for water-soluble densifiers and stains to be absorbed, and for epoxies and other coatings to properly adhere.
  • Not sure if concrete grinding is the right choice for your space? Contact Brent at Reliance Concrete Polishing. We service New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia.

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    We provide commercial concrete preparation and repair services, including concrete restore, repair, grinding, floor leveling, and more. Our concrete maintenance services improve the durability and appearance of your commercial concrete..


    "Brent and his team came down to Tennessee and polished a basement floor for me. It was a tough project and I was so grateful for his depth of experience and skill, given the poor conditions of the existing concrete he had to work with. Definitely recommend!!" Jeremy Snow

    "Brent and his team at Reliance Concrete are fantastic…. worked with me every step of the way to get the color for my concrete floor just right... went through great lengths to make sure I was entirely satisfied... floor looks absolutely stunning" - Eric Love

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    "Reliance did an amazing job restoring our 150-year-old concrete floors. They worked with us to create a custom design and stain that speaks to our mission…. professional, considerate, tidy, and friendly….couldn't have asked for a better team or result!" - Alicia - Ocean Alliance.

    Milford, NH. Garage Surface Prep. Before

    We concentrate on surface preparation because a properly prepared slab is key to the success of your new floor. Whether you are installing a new floor covering or a polished concrete finish, a clean surface is crucial for long-lasting results.

    Milford, NH. Garage Surface Prep. During

    We know how to work in occupied spaces. Some of the places we work include offices, restaurants, schools, retail, hospitals, and manufacturing/industrial facilities, and warehouses. In order to keep disruptions to your business at a minimum, flexible scheduling can be arranged.