Common Installation Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are an excellent choice for high-traffic commercial and industrial areas, offering a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution. That is because of their durability, ease of cleaning, and aesthetic appeal. However, it’s important to note that concrete floor polishing is a delicate process that requires expertise and the right equipment to produce the desired results.

So if you are about to embark on a polished concrete flooring project for your commercial or industrial space, keep reading! Here you will learn about some of the most common mistakes made regarding concrete floor polishing and how to avoid them.


Avoid These 6 Costly Mistakes When Installing Polished Concrete Floors

1. Improper Preparation

Properly preparing the surface is the first step in any polished concrete flooring project. That includes cleaning, grinding, and filling any cracks or holes that may be present on the existing concrete slab. Failure to do this can lead to an uneven finish and reduced durability of the finished product.

2. Incorrect Products

It’s essential to use the right products when polishing concrete floors. The wrong sealer or wax can lead to discoloration and premature wear and tear. Make sure you are using a product that is specifically designed for polished concrete floors, as it will ensure lasting results.

3. Inadequate Sealing

Using a sealer on your finished floors is essential to protect them from dirt, liquids, and even UV rays. A good sealer should be applied multiple times over the lifetime of the flooring to keep it looking its best.

4. Improper Use Of Equipment

Polishing concrete floors requires the right equipment and knowledge of how to use them. From the grinders and buffers to the polishers and sealers, not using these tools properly can lead to an uneven finish or damage to the underlying concrete.

5. Skipping Cutting Stages

There are several stages to the polishing process, which include cutting, grinding, and honing. It is important to go through these steps to get the desired finish. Skipping any one of them can lead to an inferior result.

6. Using Too Much Pressure

When operating any flooring machinery, it is essential not to use too much pressure. That can lead to gouges, scratches, or even cracks in the concrete surface, which will be difficult to repair and may require the replacement of the entire slab.


Hire Reliance Concrete Polishing & Avoid Costly Mistakes!

Improper use of the equipment and unqualified contractors can lead to costly repairs and poor results. The least you want in your commercial building is to decrease its value by having an uneven and unsightly floor that won’t last as long as it should. However, working with experts in concrete polishing, like Reliance Concrete Polishing, will help you get the best results. With our years of expertise and knowledge of materials, processes, and equipment, we can ensure the job is done efficiently. 

Work with us and get that shimmering and glossy look you want for your polished concrete floors at a competitive price! We know that running a business is time-consuming, so it’s hard to find reliable contractors. Facing these issues while having a hectic schedule can make you feel stressed, but you shouldn’t feel that way. That is why we make sure of a seamless experience for you by providing high-quality results with excellent customer service. 


Andrew Clark

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