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Comparing Concrete Polishing Levels: Which One Is Right For Your Project?

Maintaining your floors looking shimmering and new can be challenging for commercial and industrial areas, especially when they are walked through frequently. If you find yourself needing a floor that can withstand a lot of foot traffic, heavy equipment, and materials, then polished concrete is the best option for you. Not only can it resist heavy traffic, but its glossy finish also helps to improve lighting in the area.

Furthermore, this flooring has a long lifespan and requires minimal maintenance, making it an incredibly cost-effective solution. Lastly, with many colors available, you can customize your polished concrete flooring to match any decor. Continue reading to know more about different concrete polishing levels and their suitability for your project.


4 Different Levels Of Concrete Polishing

The level of polish on a concrete floor is categorized based on the grit size used during grinding. The higher the number, the finer the grind, resulting in a smoother finish. That means you should look for a higher grit size if you want a glossy surface with few imperfections.


Flat Or Level 1

For a Level 1 ground polish, you must complete the grinding process below the 100-grit resin bond. Looking straight down at the floor will generally appear cloudy with minimal clarity or reflection. That is a great option for industrial areas that withstand heavy machinery and equipment.


Satin Or Level 2

If you want a honed, polished finish on your floor, the 400-grit resin bond is where you should stop. From roughly 100 feet away, it will appear slightly reflective when viewed from above. This low-luster matte look offers an attractive yet subtle sheen in any room! Its subtle sparkle makes it a popular choice for commercial and industrial environments and home decor.


Semi-Polished Or Level 3

If you’re looking for a higher sheen, it’s time to step up to an 800-grit or higher diamond abrasive. Level 3 polish produces a much higher reflectivity than the previous two levels. It will clearly reflect side and overhead lighting when viewed from 30-50 feet away. This finish is desired in areas where aesthetics are important, such as lobbies and retail stores.


Highly Polished Or Level 4

The highest concrete polishing level is achieved using a 4000-grit diamond abrasive. It produces a high degree of shine on the floor that you can even see your reflection if you stand directly over it. From different angles, the floor will also appear to be wet. It’s perfect for areas emphasizing style and sophistication, like high-end restaurants, hotels, and showrooms.


Get Your Concrete Floor Polished Today!

Having a glossy and stylish polished concrete floor is the perfect way to enhance the beauty and style of your commercial property. Whether you need a cream polish finish or a full polish, our team at Reliance Concrete Polishing can help you choose the right option. You don’t have to waste time and money on products that won’t deliver the desired results.

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