At Reliance Concrete Polishing, making your floors beautiful and durable is our specialty. Whether you need a surface ground down, a floor polished or flooring removed, our talented staff possesses the knowledge and skills to complete your project. By using the best equipment in the industry, we are able to offer virtually chemical and dust-free services. Count on us to provide you with a customized project plan.

As a leading concrete polishing contractor, Reliance Concrete Polishing has specialized equipment and the expertise to handle an array of challenges. Our fleet of electric, hydraulic, and low-emission (Tier 4) machines is designed for working with minimal disruptions to surrounding areas.


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Concrete Polishing


Why Concrete Polishing is Important.
Your concrete slab is designed for and exposed to constant use. Depending on the type of space - industrial, warehouse, office, airplane hangar, garage or basement, the wear and tear of the floor can come from foot traffic, heavy equipment, or a combination. Our concrete floor polishing service ensures a number of benefits.

Low Cost of Maintenance

While polishing a concrete slab may initially be more costly, polished concrete offers lower long-term costs and minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and an occasional burnish will keep your polished floor looking good for years. Polished concrete resists scratches and has a harder surface than traditional concrete.

Increased Cleanliness

During the polishing process, a water-soluble densifier is applied to the surface of the slab. This solution causes the surface of the slab to densify and harden, so it is easier to clean up most substances, including dust and other allergens.

Improved Appearance

Appearance matters. While many people think that concrete is only gray, there are many colors of stains that can be applied to get a personalized effect. Company logos or specialty stencils are also available.

Flooring Removal

Dedicated to protecting what matters most to your business, our team uses the most advanced technology in the industry to prepare your floors faster and cleaner. Not only do we remove tile, carpet, hardwood flooring, and more, but we also take the time to remove the glue and thinset.

Commercial Floor Removal

Our services can be scheduled to minimize disruptions to your business.

Industrial Floor Removal

Our team provides speedy service and superior quality work.

We offer flooring removal service, including ceramic tile, for commercial and industrial projects. We also provide tile removal with containment for occupied spaces

Surface Prep


As you can see in the photos, concrete floor grinding is the process of preparing the slab and is key to the success of your new floor. Long-lasting results start with a clean surface.

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