The Museum of Beads will be the home of an organization whose mission is to illuminate the history of beads throughout the world. Organization founder Heather Kahn and the staff have worked diligently to get the museum open through some challenging times and are excited to see everything come together. Heather acquired a great space adjacent to a business she currently owns and operates known as Caravan of Beads in Portland, Maine.┬áThe concrete floor had a pinkish epoxy coating, which clearly needed to be improved. Heather set out to find a solution that was durable, easy to clean, and had a low cost of maintenance. She knew she had the right fit after speaking with Reliance Concrete Polishing – the results are gorgeous. The surface was stripped, prepped, and then polished to a high sheen that will serve the museum for many years. The museum is slated to open in the Spring of 2022.


Bead Caravan Before & AFter

Before vs After