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Why Concrete Floor Polishing is Important

Your concrete slab is designed for and exposed to constant use. Depending on the type of space – industrial, warehouse, office, airplane hangar, large garage, or basement, the wear and tear on the floor can come from foot traffic, industrial machines, and equipment, or a combination. Polishing your concrete floor provides a number of benefits.

Low Cost of Maintenance

Polished concrete offers lower cost of ownership than many other floor finishes. Regular cleaning and an occasional burnish will keep your polished floor looking great for years. Plus, polished concrete resists scratches and has a harder surface than traditional concrete.

Increased Cleanliness

During the polishing process, a water-soluble densifier is applied. This solution is applied to a concrete surface in order to fill pores, increasing surface density and hardness. Your floor is easier to maintain and most substances, including dust and other allergens clean up quickly.

Improved Appearance

Appearance matters. While many people think that concrete is only gray, there are many colors of stains that can be applied to get a personalized effect. Company logos or specialty stencils are also available.

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“Brent and his team came to Tennessee… It was a tough project …so grateful for the depth of experience and skill, given the poor conditions of the existing concrete… Definitely recommend!! Jeremy Snow

“Brent and his team at Reliance Concrete are fantastic…. worked with me every step of the way to get the color for my concrete floor just right… went through great lengths to make sure I was entirely satisfied… floor looks absolutely stunning” – Eric Love

“Reliance did a fantastic job polishing our concrete basement floor… very experienced, skilled, punctual, friendly, respectful and took great pride in their work… surpassed our expectations! Highly recommend!” – Ben Mayes

Reliance did an amazing job restoring our 150-year-old concrete floors. …a custom design …. professional, considerate, tidy, and friendly…. – Alicia – Ocean Alliance.

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Concrete polishing services will do more than just improve the appearance of your floors. Polished concrete reflects light, making your building brighter and safer for your employees. Remember, a polished concrete floor is easily maintained, non-slip, highly durable, and long-lasting.

Storage units in Manchester, VT. The entire slab was ground, honed, densified, and polished to 400 grit finish. The owner asked for the aisles to be shiny and more reflective. The aisles between the individual storage units were guarded and burnished to 800 grit

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Atomic Coffee Roasters Sig Sauer Academy Buffering The Ocean Alliance, based in Gloucester, Massachusetts is midcourse in a labor of love restoring a New England landmark. The Copper Mill Buildings' floors were installed 143 years ago. The surface had endured as many years of foot traffic, machinery traffic, chemicals, ocean air, dirt, grime, and more. Ocean Alliance was looking for a different type of restoration allowing for preservation of the past but also with a look revealing a bright future. Due to the age of the floors, this restoration needed to proceed with great care. Generator Superstore in Stratham.

Concrete floor grinding progressively uses higher grit diamond-embedded pucks/pads, after the application of a water-soluble densifier. A protectant is applied and burnished into the slab. The final result is a floor that is attractive, practical, and economical. The durability of a polished concrete floor is unmatched.

Sweet Dirt Dispensary in Eliot, Me. The floor has been stained, polished and burnished.

A Polished Concrete floor can withstand even the toughest traffic and add years to the life of the floor. They are resistant to wear, dusting, marking (such as forklift tires), water, abrasion, and heat. Polished concrete floors can be utilized in new or old construction for manufacturing plants, warehouses, factories, showrooms, retail, residential and industrial environments. Polished concrete’s unique shine and appearance make it look quite slippery when in reality it is not. It is no more slippery than any normal clean, dry concrete surface.

Grind, polish and stain job in Rockport.

Polished concrete actually tends to be more slip-resistant than polished stone floors. However, if you’d prefer, anti-slip conditioners can be applied during the polishing process for extra protection. These conditioners aid in the improvement of traction and help to make wet surfaces safer. Conditioners require reapplication over time, however they do not require any additional maintenance.