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About Us

Reliance Concrete Polishing specializes in polished concrete, concrete surface prep, and flooring removal. We are known for high ethical standards, integrity, and trust. Our trained craftsmen are committed to delivering superior quality products and services that consistently exceed our customers' expectations.

We can provide the durable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective product that will work for you.

People are talking

"Brent and his team came to Tennessee... It was a tough project ...so grateful for the depth of experience and skill, given the poor conditions of the existing concrete... Definitely recommend!!" Jeremy Snow

"Brent and his team at Reliance Concrete are fantastic…. worked with me every step of the way to get the color for my concrete floor just right... went through great lengths to make sure I was entirely satisfied... floor looks absolutely stunning" - Eric Love

"Reliance did a fantastic job polishing our concrete basement floor... very experienced, skilled, punctual, friendly, respectful and took great pride in their work… surpassed our expectations! Highly recommend!" - Ben Mayes

"Reliance did an amazing job restoring our 150-year-old concrete floors. ...a custom design …. professional, considerate, tidy, and friendly…." - Alicia - Ocean Alliance.

Keeping Your Business Running

From offices to warehouses, manufacturing, restaurants and retail, schools and even airplane hangars, Concrete Polishing and other services are often performed in occupied spaces. We understand how important it is to keep your business running. That’s why we place high priority on safety, cleanliness, temporary protection, and flexible scheduling to minimize downtime. And the products we use are typically water-soluble (low/no odor) and cure quickly.

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Reliance Concrete Polishing serves a diverse group of industries from retail and restaurants, to warehousing, manufacturing, education, and the exclusive, custom homes market. Today, each of these industries are looking for unique, environmentally friendly and long-lasting flooring solutions. Reliance Concrete Polishing offers options that delight our customers as they meet each of these needs.

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Polished concrete is a great option when creating or renovating your commercial space. This multi-step process includes grinding, honing, and polishing the slab. And concrete can be stained with a variety of colors, designs, or even your company logo. The result is a beautiful, resilient floor that is LEED compliant and easy to maintain.

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A successful concrete floor project begins with a concrete slab that has been properly prepared. Reliance Concrete Polishing removes existing floor coverings including carpet, wood, and tile. We can correct any damage found in the underlying concrete. And our skilled concrete grinding staff has experience removing residual adhesives or mastics as well as self-leveling products from the surface. An important step in determining the quality of the finished product.